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About Me

Hey y’all!

Welcome to my realm. But before you enter, make sure you park your worrisome thoughts outside – because minds often fail to function when they’re exposed to worry. (Learned from the best- Myself). So let’s forget how blue your Monday, or how uncalled your period was. I think bedtime browsing deserves a peaceful hour.


Don’t Worry Girlfriend, is a one stop shop for women of all age groups. It has been designed, with topics of interest that can benefit one in different areas of life.

So friends, this girl right here, along with her Ivy League team of writers, is about to shower some wisdom and share some cinch ideas to deal with your predicaments. I’m not claiming that I’m an expert or some sort of guru. #IAMNOT.  I’m merely an aspiring motivational writer who strongly believes in self-help, self-growth, positive-living, self-acceptance and confidence.

You all know how a part of us always worry about general things we come across in our lives. In fact, quite frankly, that has been the story of my life. Sleep, breathe and eat worry! Anxiety was my middle name and not very wise decisions were the result of worrying too much. I am grateful that I was able to step up my game to fashion a better version of myself. TBH, It took a lot of hard work, will power and time to settle with my issues and conquest anxiety.  I still remember how I used to wake up thinking there was an earthquake; an incoming call would bring me heart attack and even a doorbell would terrify me. I was such a mess and if you can relate to this- you deserve a hug. & I promise, I got your back. I helped myself by building a connection with God, reading books by prodigious authors, meeting people who faced similar challenges, reading their blogs, listening to their podcasts, cutting down gratuitous interactions, and most importantly giving enough time to myself. It all began to make sense. I was successful at helping myself. That’s when I decided to focus on sharing my experience with others through this platform- aiming to help ‘em by building confidence and wiping out worry. 


My blog has different columns for all the areas of life. Flick through ‘em all and find what you think is the best read for you tonight. Also, I’m a makeup lover, influencer, foodie, cat mommy & an abstract artist. I’ve been happily married for a long time to my childhood sweetheart (except for we didn’t meet during our childhood). I have a super loving family and a kick ass gang of girls who have my back. My sister is my first best friend and also a co-developer of content for Don’t Worry Girlfriend.



Happy Blogging!