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They say you are what you eat, but the fact is– your body is a result of what you eat and you are what you“think”. You are what your thoughts are.

Often times we forget that our minds are like growing babies, they believe what we tell them. They are very much trainable. This mantra mentioned below in this piece of article has helped me overcome my fears. Sisters who were terrified of being alone now don’t miss a single chance to go on a date with their own selves.
If someone like me can transform from a scaredy-cat to a brave one, each one of you reading this, without a doubt will be able to overcome your fears.

After reading this article, I want you to spend 9 – 11 minutes, with yourselves and work on a fear that has been holding you back from enjoying your lives.
Let’s touch the basis, on different categories of fears people can have. The ones mentioned below are based on their commonness in people.

1. Fear of Holes
2. Fear of Airplanes
3. Fear of small places
4. Fear of heights
5. Fear of water
6. Fear of reptiles
7. Fear of birds
8. Fear of earthquakes
9. Fear of spiders
And the list goes on.

The interesting part is that these fears don’t just kick in, on an encounter with them, but they haunt people even in their absence. Like, a person with a fear of reptiles is always on an alert. For instance, I’m terrified of lizards, and my husband thinks I have a radar for lizards. Even if a lizard is 500 feet away, I kid you not, I can sense and spot it. My subconscious is always thinking about my fears and hence it keeps me on alert. What’s really not cool is that they terrify you at all times. While you’re in bed, or when you’re taking a shower. I’m sure you can relate to those instances where you thought you had almost seen yourself stepping on a lizard/cockroach/beetle and it turned out it was nothing.
Fears can be silly to most legit, but the trick is to have an honest conversation with yourself. Think rationally & tell yourself: “This fear is perhaps a fragment of my imagination, it’s not real. When rationality kicks in, fear quits.” This line is very powerful! All our fears are merely an impression of our negative experiences in life. Pick a fear and ask the following questions to yourselves., these analogies can help you think logically against your fear.
1. What is it about the “xx fear” that makes you lose your peace?
2. What are the worst consequences of encountering your fear?
3. Why doesn’t the rest of the world react in the same manner as you do to this “fear”?
These three questions may not help you overcome your fears overnight, but will definitely make you ponder and eventually help you overpower your fear.
My friend Keke had “Fear of birds”, this was something that kept her from enjoying nature, spending time outdoors, taking her kids to the local farm/zoo. It was restricting her from enjoying life to the fullest, especially after kids, she felt like the fear wasn’t helping her lead an easy life. She finally considered self-help and was highly willing to overcome her fear.
She used the same logic, mentioned above and listed down the details of her fear, her negative experiences with it and the reasons that she wasn’t able to overcome the fear.
With a lot of practice and courage, Keke was surprised to see herself in a good place. Slowly but gradually, her fear wasn’t a phobia anymore. It was now something,  she could lead an uninterrupted life with.

It definitely takes time, you guys. Nothing happens overnight. It takes time for things to evolve., so cut yourself some slack and try to work on those terrifying thoughts that are stopping you from living your life to the fullest.
1. Be willing.
2. Train your Mind
3. Be persistent
4. Take one step at a time, & of course,


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    Ben Josh

    Practical advice. Great read.

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