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Dealing with migraine

Dealing with migraine

Migraine, besides being a fierce headache, is also infamous for being a life sabotaging health ailment. Dealing with migraine can be very laborious, especially when nothing seems to be helping. While some migraines go away within a few hours, others linger for weeks, making you feel lethargic and nonfunctional. Popping an ibuProfen might help occasionally, but is that really a reliable fix?

Excedrin migraines have been saving my life all these years and to be honest, I have so much gratitude for those puny power packed pills. Every time I felt nauseous from migraine, popped one Excedrin and voila – the pain and nausea subsided. It made my life so much easier but that was perhaps not a permanent fix. It wasn’t fortunately too late before I realized it. Popping too many painkillers is obviously not an ideal solution when your migraine is pretty stubborn and doesn’t want to go away within a couple of days.  The below tips helped me and many other individuals in dealing with their migraines. Experts claimed that these tips can also lower the frequency of occurrence & lingering time of your migraines. If you’re dealing with stubborn migraines time and again and no trick is working, consult a migraine specialist near you ASAP. The more you delay it, the stronger it gets.


Anyway, below are some preventative measures to keep migraines at bay:


Know your trigger:


In order to fix any problem, it’s essential to get to the root of what’s causing it. Until you figure out what triggers your migraine, it’s arduous to treat it. If you don’t pay attention to details, then now is the time. Start paying more attention towards your daily routine. When you experience headaches, immediately recall what you consumed, what your day was like and when exactly you experienced the pain and make a note of it. Try to find commonalities between things by comparing all these different times you had experienced the pain. In my case, I’m very sensitive to bright lights including blue light from gadgets. Any gadget including my phone if used for long hours, gives me a sharp headache. Staying outdoors on a sunny day triggers my migraine. When I identified my trigger, it became so much easier for me to counter my migraines. There’s still days where it’s difficult to avoid working on gadgets but wearing blue light protection glasses, dimming lights at home ,wearing sunglasses or a visor when outdoors, help big time. In some people food like dairy, gluten, caffeine or alcohol could be a trigger. If you know your triggers, then you’re only a step away from fixing those ugly headaches.



Apple Cider Vinegar:

Every time you experience a sharp pain or nausea from nausea, take a warm glass of water with 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. It may sound too good to be true, but believe me – it’s both. It really calms your migraine down to a remarkable level. Have it twice a day-& experience the difference. It might take a day to  Apple cider vinegar in fact, is one of the most proven remedies for migraines. Besides apple cider vinegar,a warm cup of peppermint tea, can also calm your migraines down as per our migraine experts. Give it a shot.



Avoid Eating Out:

When you’re having a migraine episode, please be mindful of what you put in your belly. As common as they may sound, migraines can get pretty serious and make you bed ridden for days. If you are an active person with jobs or kids, say goodbye to your productivity during your unwanted migraine episode. It becomes inordinately difficult to participate in daily chores or even be productive at work. Migraine can mess things up real bad. I’m not saying eating at restaurants is always unhealthy. With all the creative healthy places that are opening up , eating out can be at times fairly convenient. The only problem with eating out is that you don’t exactly know what’s going in your belly. You didn’t see what went in that tofu fried rice you got at your favorite Chinese take out place. Did you? The chances of them adding that one ingredient that might be your trigger, could be low to medium. Would you rather risk it? I wouldn’t. The best bet is to avoid outside food and prepare your own meals.


Exercise :

We all know that working out releases endorphins. Endorphins are feel good hormones secreted within the brain and nervous system, that help reduce stress. Stress is the major trigger of migraines in almost everyone with preexisting migraine condition. For instance, if you encounter migraine episodes, stress will 100% trigger it. So, in order to combat that bad guy, we all need to get at least 30 minutes of work out every day. If that’s not easy to accommodate, just stay physically active for 30-40 mins every single day. An indoor gym sounds great, but if you have an open park or trail full of trees releasing oxygen, it’s more ideal to get a jog/walk inhaling plenty of oxygen, especially when your headaches are pulsating, for instant relief. Migraine experts highly recommend spending time in nature as oxygen in abundance can help heal pain faster.



Add Magnesium to your diet:

According to experts, this is the most important buzz that helped many in keeping their migraines at bay. Any time you experience migraine headaches, pop magnesium supplements (check with your primary care for the dosage). If you don’t have any underlying health issues that can counter the effect of magnesium, then you should definitely try this hack.



In our busy lives, it really is difficult to have three conventional meals. My days are so busy that eating is not even on my list of priorities. I agree, It’s bad, it’s not supposed to be that way. One of the major triggers that can worsen your migraines is starving yourself. I’m sure you’ve experienced having intermittent migraines when you delay your dinner.  Most often you end up experiencing worse pain? Yes, delaying your meal time worsens migraines. If you’re encountering a migraine episode, you better feed yourself on time. Carry emergency snacks like mixed nuts or energy bars in order to keep your belly full. Whether it’s nausea, pulsating headaches, excessive yawning or tearful eyes, eating on time and taking good precautionary measures is key.

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    As a migraine sufferer , I found this article was so helpful! The tips were so effective, and it was a beyond wonderful article ! Love all the articles, keep up the amazing work !

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