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Do you ever feel conscious hanging out with people in bright daylight thinking about those unwanted blackheads on your nose? From blackhead removing strips to in-salon facial appointments, we do it all to get rid of those lousy blackheads resting on our nose. But did you know that often times we fail to discern puny hair that grow on our nose from a real blackhead. The issue is that they both look very alike. Thence, it’s very crucial to identify them accurately so that you could treat them accordingly.

Blackheads are pockets of oxidized melanin on the surface of the skin. They occur when the pores in the skin become clogged with dead skin cells and oily, protective substance known as sebum. While, hair are just fine threadlike strands growing from the roots of skin follicles. Due to oxidised nature of blackheads they turn black and look almost like hair and hence are often mistaken as blackheads.

If you have struggled with getting rid of them too,  then you’re in the right place than you could ever be. After trying various nose strips and painful blackhead extractions, I finally settled with this amazing DIY 5 step skin care routine that markedly keep my blackheads at bay.

Don’t take my word for it, try it yourself!


As broken record as it may sound, we all know that this is the most important step in our skin care regime. Finding the right cleanser for your face is the key. Right product doesn’t have to be a high end or expensive one. Use a product with mild ingredients and use it right. For the longest time, my personal favorite cleanser has been Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser. It has metamorphosed my skin for the best. Also, a good scrub pad will reinforce the effect of your facial cleanser and make your skin look flawless.

Now, before jumping into blackheads extraction, make sure you thoroughly cleanse your face with your to go cleanser , rinse it off with warm water and damp it with a towel. Warm water will make your pores open up a tad which will make it easy for extraction.


This is the most satisfying step in blackhead removing process. It requires you to place yourself in front of a mirror – fairly bigger than your head. Make sure there’s enough light in the room. Take a facial exfoliator/ hair removing razor and by holding is slightly parallel to the skin on your nose, start exfoliating gently. Exfoliate thoroughly all around your nose so that all the tiny hair that you may have mistaken for blackheads, come off. Now clean the blade thoroughly with a piece of tissue and hold areas of your nose tight and repeat the same step. This time, get really close to the areas of your nose by holding the skin tight with your second hand. Stroke in both directions and go slow about it. You’ll see the dead skin and blackheads coming out. Once you accomplish the clean surface, stop. Don’t overdo it- it can end up wounding your nose. In case you accidentally end up wounding it- don’t panic, just apply some olive oil and leave it alone. Olive oil will heal it substantially.


Once you see that your nose is all clean and shiny,rise it off with warm water before you begin to scrub. Scrubbing is essential as it will remove the remaining dead skin from your nose (if any). Once you are done scrubbing gently (for about 45 seconds), rinse it off with ICE COLD water OR ice your nose for about a minute. Listed below are my go to facial scrubs that go a long way:

  1. Almond and honey scrub by maria badescu ,
  2. Apricot scrub by St.Ive’s.


This step might seem slightly disparate from the regular skin care regime that most of us follow. Masking usually is the last step but tbh, this works best for me. The reason I mask before I tone is perhaps because I want to allow my toner to get absorbed in my skin and exfoliate further while I am asleep. This mask I’m referring to is certainly the most uncomplicated mask you will ever prepare. It consists on ONE natural ingredient that will make your skin glow. Take one teaspoon of egg white & apply it thoroughly all around your nose. Leave it on for 4-5 minutes before you wash it off. The protein found in egg whites will tighten your pores and will give your nose a radiant appearance.


Once your nose is shiny clean, use a well reviewed cleanser all over it. The best technique is to spray the toner on your nose and dab it with a cotton pad. This will allow the toner to settle in your skin and close your open pores (if any). Look below for my go to skin toners that works best for my skin:

  1. Glycolic acid toner by maria badescu,
  2. Clinique – clarifying lotion 2 – especially for acne prone skin,
  3. Pixi glow tonic exfoliating toner.
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