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Five Habits of Successful People We Need to Adopt Now!

The ability that social media has given to us to stalk (or let’s say follow in a nicer iG lingo), our favorite celebrities is simply, humongous. With people becoming obsessed with public figures, not a single stone is left unturned in copying their ways and styles. According to pop dust, there was a celebrity memorabilia auction in Boston, and a jacket worn by Ringo Starr in the Beatles movie Help in 1965, was sold for more than $46,500. Not kidding! This is an extent, people can go to for their celeb idols.

Let’s try to look at it from a different perspective now. Keep in mind a YouTuber or a celebrity you want to be like. Would you rather want to spend your hard-earned money over that person’s jacket or would you adopt their best habits and practice em’ to achieve better things in life? I’d love to do the latter in order to practice the former. JK!

The reason I came up with this piece of article is because we often fail to realize how no one highlights the struggles, hustle, journey and hard work of our heroes, that made them who they are; instead we care about the new private jet they recently gifted their daughter or the new holiday mansion they bought for their son? That’s not wise!

Can we rather focus on the element that made them successful in life?

There’s plenty of books on the shelves in the market that are based on the habits of successful people. My personal favorites are “Millionaire success habits” by Dean Graziosi & Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. These books talk in-depth about how people have achieved so much in their lives, their productive habits and never giving up attitude. They also list some interesting events that you would have never thought of.

These five qualities mentioned below are the most common habits of successful people that are worth adopting. It may not make you a billionaire, but sure enough, it will make you successful in your timely endeavors.

1. Successful people don’t discuss people.

I’m sure this is not the first time that you’re reading this. They say great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss things and small minds discuss people. Would you rather spend your precious time discussing unnecessary people or spend it on achieving something you live for? If Felicia is going through a divorce, what pleasure does it bring to your life? Or if Sarah was rude to you, whining about it for the rest of your life will not help you; rather ruin your peace of mind. So let go, utilize your energy to do something productive. Successful people use their time doing something that adds value to their lives.  Next time before you start discussing people, reinstate your energy and time towards ways to learn, grow and make yourself happy!

2. Successful people never boast about their achievements:

They say, “empty vessels make much noise”. On the contrary, successful people don’t boast about their achievements because their achievements speak louder than their words. People who boast about little or big things in life are often the ones who achieve nothing. The key is to stay Humble while you silently conquer the world.

Dealing with a bragger? Here are some helpful tips for you: Don’t get into their power plays, don’t fuel their boastful stories by reacting rather,  smile, nod, keep your answers brief and let them have their moment.

3. Successful people are always learning and growing:

This is another great quality of successful people-they are always open to new ideas and never say they know it all. Mr & Miss know it all’s are usually the ones with minimal knowledge and overconfidence. Research shows that 86% of people in corporate America who are willing to learn and open to new ideas are the ones in the upper hierarchy of the corporate ladder. Inculcate the habit of being a good listener, acknowledging others, being open to ideas and utilizing our time to learn something new instead of discussing people (back to point 1).

4. Successful people are seldom tardy:

The key to success is punctuality. Successful people are never late, which shows their respect for other people’s time. I really enjoyed reading the below lines from the article (A man of punctuality) Simple yet beautifully defined the value punctuality holds:

Benjamin Franklin once said to an employee who was always late, but always ready with an excuse:  “I have generally found that the man who is good at an excuse is good for nothing else.” So if a President of the United States can keep to his time, I wonder what excuses can the rest of us come up with for not being punctual?

Let’s keep to our time, show respect for others, and build credibility.

5. Successful people are Early Risers:

The early bird catches the worm! Yes! Successful people are early risers!! As painful as it may sound to start your day super early: head to work, do your chores and make it a productive morning, research shows that the most successful people of all times have this common habit of waking up before 6 AM.

Benjamin Spall, author of “My Morning Routine: How Successful People Start Every Day Inspired” and founding editor of my morning routine.com has spoken with hundreds of successful figures about their morning regimens. “It’s not a coincidence that all of these people are early risers,” he tells CNBC Make It.

The key is to have a productive day by prioritizing your tasks, wake up early, exercise and work hard each day to make your dreams come true! So be an early riser if you are chasing your dream – After all, they say, “Early to Bed, Early to Rise, Makes a Man Healthy, Wealthy and Wise”. 🙂

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