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Hands-down travel guide for avid travelers:

Hands-down travel guide for avid travelers:

Whether you’re a frequent domestic traveler or a sporadic international one. These are some of the most popular go-to traveler tips that every travel blogger or travel guru swear by. In order to make your expedition smooth, we collated some of the most popular ideas that are a must for every traveler (especially the frequent ones) to learn.


1. Get into a pre-travel routine:

We all get excited and sometimes repulsed with too much planning. Try to use this exertion in a downright manner, to make your travel plan more efficacious. If your way ahead of time planned trip is coming up, make sure you psych yourself for it. For instance, if you’re big on caffeine intake, and water consumption is not even on your daily goal list, try to cut down on caffeine and spike up your water intake, to prep your body for a long flight. Switch your regular habits with healthy ones. This will condition your body for better adaptability. Your body now will build resistance to change and will be more qualified for unfavorable situations like lack of food, water, or sleep.

2. Inhale loads and loads of oxygen:

This applies to people who are more of air travelers than the road ones. TBH, even if you have a single international trip every year, you need to know this. The supply of oxygen on an elevation higher than 8000 ft is relatively low and can drop to about 15% leading to lower levels of oxygen in the blood. When you’re on a flight at an elevation of 34000ft, for more than 10 hours, the low levels of oxygen in the air around you might not be favorable for your physical health. Therefore, it’s imperative to breathe a good amount of oxygen by spending lots of time in nature, before you start traveling. The substantial level of oxygen in your blood may compensate for the deficit that will be caused on the airplane.

3. Get your travel IV:

This is one of the tricks you might not be aware of, that frequent travelers swear by. When you travel 24×7, it’s arduous to stay hydrated or even keep up with your nutritional intake. It’s perhaps highly likely of travelers to have a negative impact on their health. Experts recommend getting a travelers IV for a good supply of electrolytes, vitamins and hydration pre and post-travel. If you don’t have any underlying health conditions and traveling is a major part of your life- be it a hobby, job or even something you’re not very used to, consult your primary care specialist and get an IV pre & post-travel. This will make your life so much easier, especially if you lose your appetite on an airplane like many others.

4. Pack light:

This is in fact, the most highly recommended tips that almost every frequent traveler swears by. As simple as it sounds, you don’t want a bag full of the universe when you’re traveling. All you need is your fav pair of jeans, a few shirts, warm clothes (for cold weather) and vice versa, a few skincare and make up essentials and PJs for bed. If your stay is longer, always consider the option of shopping for a few extra tees locally or repeating your apparel to make it easy on yourself. Don’t forget your moisturizer/ conditioner at any cost- no matter what the weather is like, you always need a fresh glow and good hair when you’re traveling.

5. Learn how to stretch:

When you’re on an airplane or even staying at a hotel with minimum to no time to hit the fitness center, practice yoga or stretches. According to the source, muscle contraction keeps blood flowing through the veins, so carrying out some simple exercises frequently as well as standing up and moving around as often as possible, helps minimize the risks of long-haul flights by improving blood circulation and stretching muscle groups and joints.

This piece of the article published by men’s journal – source, highlights various stretches and workout moves, that can help your blood circulate well on an airplane.

6. High Fiber Diet:

Make sure you get into a habit of reading the ingredients when buying food items. Apparently, 80% of the people who travel on long flights are prone to constipation. Constipation is not abnormal when it comes to long international flights- but there’s a great way to avoid that in the first place. Start eating fiber-rich foods from a week before your travel begins. Even on your stay at your destination, get a fiber-rich cereal, milk and loads of water for your stay at the hotel. No matter how tempting their local deep-dish pizza place may sound, it’s always advisable to start your day with a fiber-rich meal.

7.Lip mask & SPF:

When you travel, your skin and your hair are the two most impacted parts of you. Because our skin and hair need time to settle, they are always the first ones to show negative travel effects. Make sure you pack a good quality lip mask and a minimum 30 SPF containing sunscreen. It’s not a great idea for the skin to be exposed to harmful UVA/B, especially in its most vulnerable state.

8.Portable Cameras:

Portable cameras are affordable and handy, especially when it comes to traveling. If you love working on your travel diaries or travel scrapbook, this is something you might wanna consider. Portable cameras are super handy and come without the burden of having to handle them with care. You can use it one time and get rid of it before you pull a new one out. It comes with 0 liability and is great for traveling. Once you’re back to your den, develop the film reels and commemorate the fun travel moments.

9. Travel Pillow:

If you struggle to sleep on an airplane, then a travel pillow is a great option. The ribs inside your pillow provide steady support regardless of which way you tilt your head and without applying pressure to your face. Even if you can fall asleep anywhere, a good travel pillow is a great investment to make sure you have a healthy spine when you arrive at your destination. To keep yourself from waking with a stiff neck, sore shoulders or migraine, a travel pillow is a must for any trip.

10. Comfy wear:

No matter how tempting, flaunting an airport look might sound, it’s crucial to place comfort on the top of your list. Celebrities may have set a high bar for people/ bloggers who travel, their level of comfort is perhaps unknown. Make sure you wear minimal- no makeup, carry the right pair of sunglasses and keep your PJs breathable. Wearing a jeans with a snug fit is the worst idea, especially on long flights. Pulling off a heavy jewelry/dress look isn’t the best idea either. People sometimes, especially when they’re the first time travelers tend to dress for flights. That’s not something our travel gurus suggest. The right apparel is the most important element to consider while traveling, whether or not by air.




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