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How to keep your face skinny

How to keep your face skinny

Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, there is no doubt about that. But is having a skinny face more desirable than having a skinny body? We believe that skinny face is solely a matter of choice. While some people yearn for a flawless sharp jawline, others believe that having a fuller face is more attractive. Based on web searches, it appears that “how to keep your face skinny and your waist skinnier”, is the most search item on the internet. While there are zillions of posts, apps, and videos on burning waist fat, face fat has always been a defying subject. When we gain weight, for most of us, the first spot to exhibit those extra pounds is the face. And the nitty-gritty of it is that the same fat is the most stubborn when we try to get rid of it. To be honest there is no definite answer to ways of losing facial fat but there are definitely some tips and techniques that can help you achieve a skinny face.

Technique#1 Drink loads of water: 

When I say loads, I don’t mean a liter or two, I meant a gallon or in fact two. Water is the best antioxidant that comes at no cost. Drinking water will help burn extra body fat- especially the fat from your face.

Technique#2 Admire the roof:

This is the most popular facial exercise that can help you reduce the chubbiness of cheeks. Look up- like you’re staring at your roof, and say WoW for about 4-5 minutes. Make sure you admire your roof intensely by keeping your wows wide. This will trigger the circulation of blood all around your face, eventually working the facial muscles. It helps in forming a defined jawline if done with consistency.

Technique#3 Drink Coffee:

Coffee is a miracle drink. It wakes you up, makes you feel better and not only that, it makes your face slimmer. Yes! Coffee is a great appetite suppressant and it speeds up metabolism. 16 to 24 ounces of coffee every day can make your day super productive and your physical activity extremely high resulting in an overall fat reduction.


Technique #4 Avoid sugar:

As sweet can sugar be, the results of sugar consumption are not always the sweetest. Sugar consumption beyond moderation has proven to be a bane for mankind. Not just that, people who consume sugar than the normally allowed level tend to have chubbier faces than the ones who don’t. After all, they say sugar lives in your cheeks.


Technique #5 Japanese slapping therapy:

This technique is apparently very popular in Japan. The self-slapping technique is a technique where you slap your face with both your hands for 80-100 times two times in a day. This technique triggers blood circulation and warms up your facial muscles. It can help you form a defined facial structure. It’s been proven to be one of the most favorite anti-aging hacks of all time.


Technique#6 Drink hot water twice a day:

Drinking hot water twice a day is proven to be a great facial fat burning technique. Water has always been associated with facial fat reduction, but specifically hot water twice a day is apparently one of the things that you might not wanna miss if you’re yearning for a skinny face. So keep your temper cool and your water hot.




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