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What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the basic ability to be present and fully engaged with whatever we do. If you ponder upon the subject of mindfulness, you will be surprised to learn that every action we take actually revolves around it. The state of being mindful is directly proportional to the successful outcome of the action taken. The reason for failures could be lack of mindfulness or the major cause of success could be a strongly mindful person.

The key to mindfulness is knowing yourself well enough to comprehend given situations that involve you and anticipate your emotional response to those situations. Often times people respond quickly and think later. They wish they knew sooner that certain reactions needed mere analyzing and understanding of the situation.

In our day to day lives, mindfulness can add a lot of value and quality to tasks and chores. It can improve relationships and deliver better results at the end of the day, given any task.

Being mindful can impact our lives in positive ways. Below are some examples:

  1. Being mindful while making a conversation with people around us can eradicate miscommunication. It can add more meaning and make our conversations genuine and non-redundant.
  2. Staying focused while running errands can make our chores error-free without leaving room for forgetfulness.
  3. Being mindful in prayer can give you contentment and perhaps a bigger reward.
  4. Alertness while driving can prevent accidents.
  5. Mindfulness while eating can trigger good eating habits and avoid overeating.
  6. Giving your best while working by being fully present can give you great success.

Practicing Mindfulness:

The best way to practice mindfulness is to check on yourself time and again and see how you’re dealing with things around you. If you’re happy with the environment or the people that are surrounding you. Is there something you have in mind that is not letting you be in the moment? Little things can make you focus blur. Try not to let anything shift your focus from the task you’re on; like talking to people or doing some work around the house or office. If you are able to identify the factor that’s blocking the clarity of your thoughts, pause for a second, and pay attention to the hindering factor and take care of it right away.

For example, little things like when you’re brushing your teeth in the AM, try being mindful about little details like what you have lined up next. Are you running late for work? Do you have somewhere to be? If you have your focus straight and you KNOW that you have two full minutes to finish and get out of there, you will never be late.  When you are being mindful of time, you’re making sure that you are in good timing for the next task you’re scheduled for. That will help you save time and get things going smoothly without having to worry about the unnecessary pressure due to being unorganized or unfocused. People practice mindfulness by meditating, learning about themselves (Yes, it’s a thing- know yourself), praying, reading books on mindfulness.

Be Mindful of God and God will protect you,

Be Mindful of God and you will find him in front of you. Tirmidhi – Hadith.




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  • August 9, 2020 at 9:49 pm
    Sneha parikh

    Such simple yet powerful message.

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