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Ten of my most favorite Anti-Aging Hacks of all time.

While some people argue about aging being an inevitable process, others are busy proving them wrong. While aging can be stressful for many, others take it as a blessing and age gracefully. Wrinkles, sunspots, joint pain and knee replacements- aging isn’t something most people look forward to. But instead of giving up to aging, let’s move towards the future with a positive attitude and a healthy body. This piece of article is inspired by Karen ASP’s book Anti-Aging Hacks , where Karen generously showered her wisdom by sharing hundreds of hacks that can help you age gracefully. These hacks are super practical and can be added to your every day routine. Out of all the hacks that Karen shared, I religiously believe in few of them which I thought I should share with you guys through my blog.

Read through them and let me know your thoughts on these mind blowing anti aging hacks.


  1. Minimize eyelid wrinkles with coconut oil:

When you’re young, your eyelids stay moist with natural oils produced by your body. Yet as you age, you stop producing as much oil, which leads to dryness and thus wrinkles. Sun damage, loss of collagen and elastin also contribute to wrinkled eyelids. To lessen the effect, apply coconut oil to your eyelids every night and massage gently for a few seconds. The moisture and natural SPF from it helps decrease the wrinkles.

  1. Spice up your food:

What does spicy food have to do with living longer? Research shows that people who eat spicy food regularly- mainly from fresh dried chili peppers which contain an ingredient called capsaicin- are also less likely to die from heart , respiratory disease and even cancer. Also, people who eat spicy food enjoy their food 30% more than people who don’t.

  1. Make your own foot scrub:

Feet deserve some royal treatment as your face, especially if you’re battling dry, cracked and callused skin. If you find it hard to keep up with your pedicure appointments, show them some love with a scrub. To avoid dry and wrinkled feet, pamper them by scrubbing your DIY feet scrub. Mix 1/4th cup of brown sugar, 2 tablespoons of honey, 2 tablespoons of coconut oil and three drops of peppermint essential oil. Using firm pressure, massage the scrub into your feet. Rinse with warm water and pat them dry before moisturizing them.

  1. Take Makeup off before bed:

As repetitive as it sounds, taking makeup off before going to bed is very essential for a healthy skin care regime. Not making makeup off before going to bed causes skin to dry out therefore ending in wrinkles, the pores get larger and skin becomes uneven and breakouts occur as a result of clogged pores.

  1. Beware Runner’s face:

This is an interesting fact that I learned from Karen ASP- that running may not be very ideal for people who care about their skin. Yes, running can do wonders for your waistline but for skin? It causes reverse effect. Everyone’s skin will sag as they age, but those who run often, see a negative impact on skin elasticity. Contrary to what you might think though, it’s not because you’re pounding the pavement and gravity is causing the skin to sink. Instead, it’s believed that oxidative damage from high intensity sports, caused by less oxygen flow to your face, not only damages skin cells, but also breaks down the skin’s supporting fibers.

Plus, runners who are logging long distances, also sustain more sun exposure, which is why research has linked certain sports like running to diseases like skin cancer.

  1. Walk faster:

While running isn’t your best option if you really care for your skin, research proves that walking faster is better for your health. The same research suggests that walking speeds of faster than 1.0 meter/second equate to healthier aging, while slower than 0.6 meter/second increases the likelihood of poor health and function.

  1. Shorten your showers:

While long hot showers may seem luxurious, but they are not so good for your skin. Stats from Home Water Works show that the average shower lasts 8.2 minutes, which is a drain on not only the environment, but also your skin’s natural oils. Long baths or showers increase the loss of these oils, which worsens your skin’s dryness and can lead to skin aging. And if the water in that shower is hot, you will lose even more moisture.

  1. Drink plenty of water:


You already know how important water is to your overall health and appearance. Your skin is made of 64% water, and if you don’t drink the right amount of water regularly, you will no doubt see the effects of dehydration- which can make fine lines and wrinkles look even more pronounced. The National Academy of Medicine recommends getting 80% of water from your beverages and 20% from your food. Note that if you live in a hot climate or are super active, you may need more.

  1. Put blue light to bed:

A good night’s sleep is a hallmark of good health and a younger appearance. But are you sabotaging your sleep with electronic devices? Blue light is emitted from almost all electronic devices. When you use any of these devices at night, that blue light suppresses the release of sleep- promoting melatonin in your body. Because your body doesn’t get signals to sleep, you may stay awake longer than you normally would and have more trouble falling asleep.

You can use blue light protection or blocking glasses or install screen-dimming apps like flux, sunset screen or iris.

  1. Again, this must be the most overused hack that everyone and their mothers follow. But, it’s totally worth it; DON’T STRESS:

Stress causes a lot of damage inside and outside of your body. A recent study done on cancer patients, highlighted how stress was the most common factor in all of them. If you stress over little things, try not to. If something big is bothering you- try seeing a therapist, talk it out, vent in front of your most trusted wise friend. Stressing gets you nothing but a super aged skin, less hair and damaged insides.

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